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We are a small International Multigaming Funclan, whose goal it is not to become the biggest clan, but to try to have the most fun. We take great care in administrating our servers, and have always modded the maps we play to improve gameplay, if it was possible to do so. Besides running our own website and forum, we have a number of gameservers.

When the clan was founded back in 2006, our game to play was the DC_Final mod for Battlefield 1942. Back then we created a safe haven for both the skilled and the unskilled players with our "Heli Training Server by -=11=-Clan", which some of you will probably remember. We still have two servers running the game; both coop (with our original serverside modded contents) and conquest mode are available, simply to keep this iconic game alive.

And even though we had some great times with the mother of all Battlefield games, people change, the memberlist changes and so do the games. We all knew that one day there would come a game which would meet our standards. Sure, we tried other follow-ups like BFV and BF2, but those games were never truly ours. This all ended in 2010 with the release of Battlefield Bad Company 2. We gave it a few months to see what it was like before we decided to give this game the green flag.

Since July 2010 we are proud owners of a BC2 32 slot server, which was previously owned by GAPP. This server is running RUSH gamemode. About a month later we rented another server for a year, which is running a 12 slot SQDM server. This server is also hosting our training, which we organise on a regular basis, almost every Friday evening.

With the release of Medal of Honor 2010 we decided to get ivolved into that game as well. Unfortunately MoH died within a couple of months, and the decision to swap to BC2 was made. We set it to run Conquest, since the release of Map Pack 7 also made CQ fun to play! We upgraded our 12 slot server to 24 slots, to be sure we have enough slots to play BFBC2 Vietnam