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Changelog Website

Changelog Website

Postby -=11=- » Sat 21 May, 2011 11:11 am

v - The 'TeamSpeak' update (January 31 2017)
  • Added TeamSpeak account sync, to ensure TeamSpeak users have a valid forum account

v - The 'i' update (November 28 2015)
  • MySQLi optimizations

v - The 'donut' update (March 17 2015)
  • Added Battlefield Hardline server (homepage / server pages / stats / leaderboard)

v - The 'annoying navigation skipping fix' update (November 29 2014)
  • Finally fixed the navigation position skip on forum pages (especially for Loki)
  • Now minifying CSS & JS for performance gain
  • Removed CS:GO server from homepage banner (cancelled)
  • Resulting in the website being out beta :)

v beta - The 'Shake It Baby' Update (December 27 2013)
  • Added shaking PM notification ;)

v beta - (March 6 2013)

  • Added leaderboard for DICE Testing server, as we seem to keep it a bit longer ;)

v beta - The 'Swap to BC2 because of Server Blaze' Edition (February 2 2013)

  • Serverbanner on homepage & serverpage now automatically recognize gameservertype (BF3 or BC2)

v beta - (January 12 2013)

  • Changed "Members & Friends" playing to minutely cronjob, for more stable and faster fetching of players on servers. Cronjob fetches playerlist every minute and dumps them in the DB.
  • Added Beta Test server to server-page
  • Added Beta Test server stats

v beta - (December 24 2012)

  • Fixed "Members & Friends" playing

v beta - DB Optimization Edition (December 19 2012)

  • Added date filter option to server statspage. Page shows 1 month default
  • Optimized leaderboard queries

v beta (June 20 2012)

v beta (May 8 2012)

  • Added a youtube preview image and title to the shoutbox *beta*

v beta (March 23 2012)

  • Minor fixes in member system, and some addition for lan support
  • PM link did not work for friends section of member page.

v beta (November 23 2011)

  • Beta release leaderboards BF3 servers
  • Added beta version of live server tracking on "Live Server Page ™" & leaderboards
    (F*** Gametracker ;))

v beta - BF3 Edition (November 8 2011)

  • Fixed "Members & Friends Playing" for BF3 servers
  • Fixed "Live Server Page ™" for BF3 servers
  • Added link to playerprofile @ BF3 Battlelog on "Live Server Page ™"

v beta (October 27 2011)

  • Made BC2 Connector 'compatible' with BF3
  • Added BF3 Servers @ Homepage & Server page

v beta (October 10 2011)

  • Changes in table and code @ memberprofile: Player names now on same line with game.
  • Changed colour of pulldown menus @ "edit profile" to be same as input fields

v beta (October 5 2011)

  • Activated "Send PM" on members & friends page.

v beta (October 4 2011)

  • Added BF3 to games @ memberprofile
  • Changed order of games in pulldown menu to alphabetical @ memberprofile
  • Fixed some HTML validation errors throughout the whole site

v beta (September 18 2011)

  • Added BF3 server placeholders on homepage
  • Removed DC Final CQ server from homepage

v beta (August 13 2011)

  • Removed Cufon headerfont rendering for faster loading. Replaced with CSS3 @fontface technique
  • Added 11-Clan Radio
  • Changed Developer shouts to Leader shouts

v beta (July 22 2011)

  • Added motherboard specs @ memberprofile
  • Added 11-Clan Server Offline Detection ™

v beta (july 20 2011)

  • Added 11-Clan Server Cancellation Detection ™

v beta (may 10 2011)

  • Highlighted playername when player is both in game and on "Live Server Page ™"
  • Added Dev-filter to "moreshouts"
  • Added link to "Live Server Page ™" @ Members & Friends Playing
  • Added KDR filter in Leaderboards
  • Added HeatOnline, Company of Heroes, Crysis2 & L4D2 to gameslist
  • Added Forum Breadcrumbs in forum footer
  • Added Public Changelog

v beta

  • Added admin ability to change memberprofiles in Members & Friends
  • Added weigth to Normal, Sticky & Announce so Newsitems with more value will stay on top on site
  • Added "Moreshouts" option
  • Added "System Specs" in Memberprofiles
  • Removed message "you posted a message" in forum
  • Added clantag to leaderboards and made them searchable
  • Added paypal donation button to main navigation bar

v beta

  • Added ability to delete shouts
  • Added "Gameslist" to memberprofiles
  • Fixed double login: Login is now only possible through site, login to forum is linked to this
  • Added "Frontpage News" button for admins
  • Added link to Multiplay affiliate program main site

v beta

  • Shoutbox ability to change a shout to dev after it has been posted
  • Added extra buttons in navigation bar to "Rules" and "Banned Players"
  • Added "ACP" link for Admins
  • Livestats bug for SQDM: server was showing incorrect teams which is now fixed

v beta

  • Dev shouts are now checkable so dev shouts are not deleted when going live
  • Added "since 2006" after "A friendly European multigaming clan" on right side of page.
  • Deleted old forum language packs
  • Implemented new forum language packs

v beta

  • Added Shoutbox
  • Created Dev group for shoutbox so dev's can use this for bug tracing etc.
  • Added "Read more" in "Newsitems" in same style with added reply function
  • Integrated new layout into forum
  • Added and intergrated BFBC2 "Live Server Page ™" and Leaderboards

v alpha

  • Coded and added TS Viewer
  • Created Memberpage & Memberprofiles
  • Added Online status
  • Added PM with notification in blue memberpanel next to name
  • Added "Newsitems"
  • Updated forum to latest version

v alpha

  • New Homepage Design with serverbanners
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