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TT80 ... Incorrect kick

TT80 ... Incorrect kick

Postby TT80 » Sun 13 Jul, 2014 5:39 pm

Dear = 11 = Clan!

I would be grateful if you claimed of you guys in on the server that improperly discarded it by M67 grenade, which unfortunately has been and blew completely transparently, it is not my game I would you ruin and receiving kick, thus spoiling a good stat my fire line.
I think that's very incorrect procedure.
I love playing here, that's why I describe my problem.
I look forward to your response!

Sincerely, TT80

Re: Incorrect kick

Postby EBassie » Sun 13 Jul, 2014 6:20 pm

Hi MZX976,

The auto-admin makes no mistakes. It acts on what the server passes on to it.
So, when you use nades, you will be killed, kicked or banned.

But... there is a flaw / bug / annoyance in this game:
1. You shoot and kill a player.
2. That same player had a nade in his hands
3. Player is dead, but that nade will explode
4. When that nade kills his teammates you will get punished for using nades

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about that. And lately we see more abusers of this 'loophole'.
So, when you encounter such glitchers, please contact the admin with !admin

I hope this explains your situation.

With regards,


PS: next time just use your ingame playername please.
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Re: Incorrect kick

Postby MZ/X976 » Sun 13 Jul, 2014 8:01 pm


Thanks for the quick response.

with regards


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