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Rush Server IP Changed

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Rush Server IP Changed

Postby -=11=- » Sun 13 Feb, 2011 12:21 pm

We requested a server switch and got a new IP for the Rush server, to take care of some reported lag and hitreg problems. The hardware we're using now, simply does not have a lot of other gameservers on it, which improves ingame performance for us.

This has now has been running for 2 days. All old GameTracker stats got lost with that, which we expected, but this change of server does not mess up making a connection to the server. Our own server stats were moved, so they can still be viewed in the Leaderboard of the RUSH server.

First day we went up 1025 places; yesterday we went from 4984 to 2833, taking 2151 places with an average of over 24 players per hour. After running on the new IP for two days we pulled in 1071 unique players. Thanks to all users for making this possible, now lets spear point back into the three-digit rankings a.s.a.p. soldiers! Talking 'bout some major pwnage here!
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