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Want to join -=11=- clan?

Want to join -=11=- clan?

Postby -=11=- » Thu 12 Aug, 2010 3:31 pm


You want to join -=11=-Clan?

Before you decide to fill in an application form, there are a few things you must know that are important, if not necessary to us. You need to know about these things before you can join -=11=-Clan.


  • Age Limit 18:
    The minimum age required for the clan is 18 years old. The average age in -=11=-Clan is relatively high and we think that conflicts, based on difference in interest deriving from a big age difference, are pre-programmed. Our oldest member is 78 years of age, and the average member is about 33.
  • Teamspeak is the key:
    We are a total "mad bunch" that likes to laugh a lot, and at many times our Teamspeak looks a lot like a sitcom in 3 different languages, but than at the same time. It is important to us that new clanmembers "connect" to us not only in the arena, but also to our rare sense of humor. For us to judge this, it is a must that the new wannabee recruit joins our Teamspeak as often as possible, before we can even think about a JoinUs!
  • Gameplay:
    Every player has got his or her own ways and style to move across the arena, but keep in mind that we need to see that you are in fact a team player, all the time. How important teamplay, and the "crave-for-squad" are to us is clearly visible on our servers. Lone Wolfs are no addition to the clan and are therefore not wanted.
  • Loyalty:
    Once -=11=-, always -=11=- ... that's the -=11=-Clan's motto!
    Once your tag has been granted to you, and you remain fair and open towards the clan, -=11=- is the last tag you will wear. Even when your interest has changed, or you finally decide to grow up, loyal members remain their -=11=- clantag. On the other side that means that we do not allow "clanhopping"; if you decide to leave us to join another clan, you are out without chance of ever returning to our ranks.
  • Finance:
    -=11=-Clan runs its own servers, and these servers ofcourse create costs. Since we have no sponsors to pay for our servers, we have to rely on donations which are mostly coming from our own members. We do not charge you with an amount you have to pay, but we ask every member to pay what they can.
  • The Rules:
    Like in every social group the -=11=-Clan also has, besides our server rules, some rules to enforce the social aspect which you can see in the following chart. Membership also depends on accepting these rules.



  • §0. The -=11=- Clan
    We are a small Clan, aiming to grow. That is why we need to establish some rules.
  • §1. Liability
    We do not take any liability for any content & links found on this website.
  • §2. Social Aspect
    We put great value in a respectful way we play with each other. He or she who does not wish to do so, must sadly go.
  • §3. Forum & Website
    In any -=11=- Clan forum and website you or obligated to follow any request coming from any Moderator or Administrator. He or she who does not wish to do so, must sadly go.
  • §4. Spam
    Broadening the aggressive art of spam at our servers, sites and/or forum is strictly forbidden! Whoever breaks this rule will be banned on all servers, sites and forum!
  • §5. Copyright
    You are not allowed to copy or spread, any text, images, messages or any other forms of data, that in any way were produced by -=11=- Clan , or any of its members!
  • §6. Support
    When you encounter any problem with our server or website you can immediately try to get in contact with an Administrator or Moderator.
  • §7. Kick-Out
    The Leaders will always have the right to, without statement or explanation, kick out any member of the -=11=-Clan.
  • §8. Agreement
    The admittance of recruits, and other big changes within the hierarchy of -=11=-Clan will be made in total agreement off all active members.
  • §9. Leader
    The Leader will always have the right in extreme situations, to act and/or rule, in a way suited. Decisions and ruling must afterwards be discussed with the other Leaders.
  • §10. Language
    Because we are a German-based multinational Clan, the three languages we use are German, English and Dutch !
  • §11. Server Rules
    The server rules displayed in game, must be followed without discussion! Any counter-action will eventually lead to a temporary or permanent ban.
  • §12. Warnings
    We will only warn 2 times. Warning number 3 will immediately give us the right to remove you from all -=11=- servers, sites and forum!
  • §13. Clan-Tag
    The Clan-Tag can only be used with approval of the Leaders.
  • §14. Last Minute Changes
    -=11=- Clan will hold up the right to make any Last Minute Changes in these rules.
  • §15. Final words
    Don't forget:
    Don't chase, what you can't kill!


When you accept these rules AND when you are registered for the forum please click here
When you accept these rules but not yet have a forum registration please click here

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